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War Marketing

We rely on time, energy and innovation not a big budget.

»  We deliver Corporate Accounts, DMC’s, GDS, CVB’s, Jobs, Global Farm In and Hotel Accounts

We Deliver Customers and Accounts

War Marketing

Our War marketing program is intense, high volume and DELIVERS PROVEN RESULTS. Our program has been industry platforms and its success has been extensively documented. We rely on time, energy and imagination rather than a big budget. From Internet Optimization to reaching 200 million airline travelers, our marketing will target a variety of prospects in many industries ranging from luxury hotels to Fortune 500 companies. Here is a sample of the services we provide.

  • War Marketing
  • Acquisitions and Alliances
  • Breakthrough Products
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Innovation
  • Cost management
  • Operational Strategy
  • Client Retention
  • Global Presence
  • Operational Accuracy
  • Sustainability
  • Rapid Growth
  • Increase Margins
  • Performance Measurement
  • Process Implementation
  • Benchmark Analysis

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The New Marketing

Marketing is no longer a choice. There was a time when you would give a prospect a business card and it would be a year before a competitor did the same. In today’s business arena, this is no longer the case. You shake a prospect’s hand and the following day they will be bombarded by Facebook messages, yelp reviews, Groupon coupons, email fliers and other offers. This makes marketing mandatory just to keep the customers you have.It is no longer a luxury, you either keep your brand in front of your customers or your competitors will.

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Marketing Facts

The definition of insanity is to doing the same things you have done in the past and expect different results. For things to change we must accept change, for things to improve we must improve our strategies. Marketing is the only activities that promotes and sells your business to your prospects. If you want to grow your business, gain more customers and more money you must market your company, there is no other way, this marketing fact!

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Marketing Secrets

What secrets do the profitable companies do not want you to know? They do not what you to know that, the wealthiest and most profitable companies are not always the ones with the best cars, the best drivers or the latest technology. They are the ones with the best marketing. They are always gaining more executive customers, more hotels accounts, more corporate accounts by consistently marketing their services to qualified prospects.

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Marketing Fallacy

The real fallacy about marketing is that operator’s think that marketing is a campaign or a single initiative such as; placing an ad on a magazine, mailing a flier, or creating PPC campaign. Marketing is a comprehensive, balanced, system, performed by professionals utilizing online and offline multiple strategies in a consistent basis. When you engage on a single activity, you are risking losing your money and your faith in marketing.Mitigate the risk and maximize your return on your marketing dollars by engaging the services of a professional that can get results.

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Marketing Balance

We have a well balanced approach to get you fast results. After an initial one on one interview, we will customize a powerful marketing campaign based on your needs and specifications. Our strategies have been tested and proven with over 300 companies in the past 5 years.

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